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Don´t miss carnival at Voerde-town - In the western part of Germany, especially in the area Cologne-Duesseldorf, the carnival belongs to the most important festivals, which are celebrated in february or march.


Carnival is based on the latin "Carne vale" as the last days before the "Lent"-weeks, when the people have to take leave of all those wonderful things such as meat, alcoholic drinks and pleasure. Before those dry and sad weeks millions of people take part in the processions as spectators. Following the processions on the streets many pubs are prepared for the celebrating masses to party the whole night.  



Founded in 1972 the Voerder Karnevalsverein is responsible for the various activities referring to the carnivalistic tradition in Voerde, a small town (37.000 inhabitants) at the Rhine-river near Duisburg.

During the last season about 40.000 people were mobilized to see the "carnival-street festival" in Voerde. Never than less the VKV invites its members and interested guests to other events. For example two Sitzungs-ceremonies (for children and adults each) are organized by the VKV. In the summer the VKV is on the road to visit sights of interest such as beer-breweries and the beautiful Mosel region (wine) in western Germany.


In comparison to other clubs the VKV welcomes everyone and is still growing up to more than 150 members. Since 1972 many members of the VKV stay in connection with the Friends of Voerde in Alnwick (Great Britain), where the idea of international friendship is transposed in visits and re-invitations. Let´s keep the tradition and see you again in Voerde at the procession on february, the 27th 2022!


For additional information please contact our president Martin Scholz 

(Pliesterskath 1, 46562 Voerde in Germany, telephone: +49 163-7386916).